The Artists Exchange

"The Artists Exchange"
Welcome dear friend!

The Artists Exchange is one of three groups specifically geared towards creating a vibrant and bustling and most of all safe, community for visual artists of all abilities.

I founded each of the three groups to bring about a platform where artists could grow with each other and come together as a resource to provide each other with support and friendship.

This website compliments each of the groups by providing insight to the wider arts world by providing news, practical advice, and ideas to both artists, art lovers, and art buyers, from my more than 30 years of experience in visual arts.

Each of the groups are made up from diverse communities from all over the world and new members join us every day.

Here's what each of the groups aims are:

The Artists Exchange: Is a community where visual artists support and promote each other. By sharing the work of other artists and they in turn sharing your work across social media platforms gives each the opportunity of gaining much wider exposure for their work, and introduces the community to artists who they may have missed.

We encourage dialogue and discussion, and many artists use the group to offer and receive advice and guidance.

You can join The Artists Exchange here:

The Artist Hangout: Is a community of artists from all disciplines. This is where you are able to share your own work, ask the community a question, post links to other artists and websites which might be of use to the community more broadly.

You can join The Artist Hangout here:

The Artists Directory: I founded this group to ensure that visual artists could have a place to share links to their Facebook Business Pages and online portfolios. Posts to this group must either link to a business page on Facebook (no personal profiles) or to online portfolios, but not to individual art works.

This ensures that visitors to the directory are able to view a wide range of artists pages and portfolios, rather than pouring through hundreds of individual artworks. For the artist it means that viewers will be guided towards an entire portfolio of work rather than an individual piece of art which they might not like. Seeing a portfolio rather than specific pieces gives the viewer a much better understanding about the artists entire body of work.

I am currently working on making The Artists Directory available through this website too! So for those who are posting to their business pages and portfolios will have an opportunity to also be added to the official directory on this site.

You can view The Artists Directory here:

Promotional Opportunities

As artists it can be difficult to find the time to create art and run a promotional campaign. So to help out, I look out for works throughout the groups and will from time to time share their works more widely including on the Artists Spotlight page on this site.

In addition there are opportunities to have your post pinned to the top of a group page so that it is the first post that everyone visiting the group will see. Offering these kinds of promotional opportunities are what makes our groups so different.

Group Rules: Please follow the rules set out in each group. The admins and myself work really hard to make sure that the groups are safe, and to go through the hundreds of join requests we get each week. We do this not to make money, (we don't make anything at all), but because we are truly passionate  about the arts and supporting artist communities around the world.

We are constantly on the look out for spam and inappropriate posts and comments and where we find them we remove the posts and comments and sometimes we have to remove members who flout the rules of the page. We don't like doing this but we have to so that we can ensure the integrity and value of the groups to other artists who do play by the rules.

So why not join one of the best Facebook art communities today. There is nothing to pay, and we don’t make any money at all from any of the groups.  The admin team provide their services for free to encourage participation in the arts. We do it because we really do care about the arts.

Best Wishes and See you all on Facebook!






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