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Making An Art Pitch

Making an Art Pitch
Every week I write a brand new article for members of our four wonderful art groups on Facebook, The Artists Directory, The Artists Lounge, The Artists Exchange, and The Artist Hangout. This week we take a look at making pitches for art grants, representation and the hundreds of other situations, an artist can find themselves in that need a great pitch.
There are times as an artist when you have to stand up and make a pitch. Whether you are applying for an art grant or seeking representation, at some point in your art career there will be a need to make a pitch and you need to be able to deliver it with conviction and confidence.
I have been a keynote speaker at hundreds of events and still get nervous despite the fact that I am approaching half a century old. I have known for years that my youthful days of running around on the stage presenting enthusiastically and animatedly are over and I don’t need some audience to remind me that I can no longer bounce around on …

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