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Getting Started in Assemblage Art

Getting started in Assemblage Art...

Each week I write a new article for members of our three wonderful art groups on Facebook, The Artists Exchange, The Artists Directory, and The Artist Hangout. This week we take a look at the everyday objects we throw away and instead, turn them into works of art.Junk Art...Junk art was a term first coined by British art critic and curator Lawrence Alloway (1926-1990), in 1961 to describe artworks made from scrap metal, parts from old machinery, rags, materials, wood, and pretty much any other object combined and made into something of a work of art. Junk art though has a much longer history and today, whilst junk or what most people class as junk, can be, and is used to create art. I’m not a total fan of the term to describe this wonderful art form because for me it implies that the art is less than it is and a search on Google for junk art is more likely to show results for a board game, but there are many other ways we can describe the art form.F…

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