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The Art Of Big Data

Mastering The Art of Data…

Each week I write a new article to support members of our four wonderful art groups on Facebook, The Artists Lounge, The Artists Directory, The Artists Exchange, and The Artist Hangout. This week we take a look at raw real-world data and the artists who are turning that real-life data into compelling works of art that have much deeper stories. As usual, there are lots of links to useful resources and plenty of information that might just whet your appetite to either collect or create this kind of art. We will also look at the evolution of digital art. This really is the art of big data!
Digital Beginnings…You could say that any art created using a digital medium such as a computer is art made up of data. Zeros and ones all displaying pixels that are either on or off, and more zeros and ones that tell each pixel how bright, how dim, or how colourful they need to be or don’t need to be.
Here in 2019, our world spins as it always has done, but data determines eve…

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