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The Art of Community

The Art of Community
Each week I write a brand new article to support members of our three wonderful groups on Facebook, The Artists Exchange, The Artists Directory, and The Artist Hangout and we are also now joined by another group, The Artists Lounge and you will find more details below. The topic this week, bringing your people closer and we take a look at going Glocal!
A journey of light… I have always been fascinated by other cultures. I remember flying back home from the USA as we traveled across cities at 35,000 feet on a beautifully clear shut eye flight out of Orlando International. I have never been one who can fall asleep on an aircraft, I’m always too busy looking out of the windows. Mostly it’s always just fluffy white clouds which can appear to be almost mystical under a moonlit sky, but on this flight there were no clouds for the first few hours of an eight hour plus flight back to the UK.
I looked out through the window and we must have been heading over New York City. Th…

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