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Making Business Decisions in Art

Making Business Decisions in Art...

Each week I write a brand new article for members of our three wonderful art groups on Facebook, The Artists Exchange, The Artists Directory, and The Artist Hangout. This week we take a look at whether or not the business advice articles we see so often provide us with a benefit when it comes to selling our art.
We will be taking a look at whether those articles we see across the internet that usually have a similar title to, here are the twenty-five things you MUST do to be successful, because one word is always written in capitals, are worth taking any notice of at all. 
On most of those lists we read that you have to do this or have to do that to get on and do well in business and every single one of those lists I have read over the past few years has always said similar things. The problem is that we do the things they suggest and then we don’t see the promised return. It’s at that point we can become despondent and think that we will never make o…

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