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The Art of Artwork Titles

The Art of Artwork Titles

Each week, I write a brand new article for members of our four wonderful groups on Facebook, The Artists Exchange, The Artists Directory, The Artist Hangout, and the Artists Lounge. This week we take a look at the power of the artwork title and ask if there is any magical formula to crafting killer titles that sell art. I have also included more than 400-titles in a list that has been created over many years and which might come in really handy the next time you need to upload a piece of art online and realise you still haven’t given it a title!
Titles are changing…There are so many markets within the art world, print on demand, art collectables, Giclee’s, Limited Editions, printing on other mediums, the list is endless but each of those niches has their own markets. For the majority of working artists today, getting work displayed in a gallery in the traditional sense is just one of the many ways that art can be sold.
The traditional art markets for hundreds o…

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