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The Art Has Landed

The Art Has Landed…
Each week I write a brand new article to support members of our three wonderful groups on Facebook, The Artists Exchange, The Artists Directory, and The Artist Hangout and we are also now joined by a brand new group, The Artists Lounge. This week we take a look into deep space, works of art depicting life beyond our own planet and how we interpret them, and I will provide a few useful tips and tricks to create art with, or even without a sci-fi or space influence or related theme.
For decades the secret of a remote military base was kept hidden from Americans and the world. It didn’t really exist and the U.S government had zero interest in the subject of UFOs. Statements to the contrary, people with very official and high ranking titles cautioned, were probably just the musings of those crackpots wearing tin-foil hats…
The military base in question was remote and around 80-miles north of Las Vegas, it was of course Area 51. The very base that has spawned a million an…

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