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I am an artist and I love art - so we can just focus on that can’t we?

Mark Taylor - Artist - Blogger - Human
The Art of Mark A. Taylor
At Beechhouse Media I believe everyone has a story to tell. My story is told through my art and within my blog. My superpower is Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease that has no cure, but it will never stop me from creating my art.

I have been creating both traditional and digital art for more than 30-years, starting out in the early eighties creating digital art using the personal computers available at the time, and specialising in abstracts, landscapes, and commissions.
I also create book covers and art props for use in TV and film, and I am passionate about supporting other independent visual artists.
This website is dedicated to supporting independent and unrepresented visual artist so that they can develop and tell their own stories through their own art too. I offer practical advice on marketing, art, and social media strategies, for artists and have supported many artists to date.
This site is also a companion site to my three large Facebook communities, The Artist Hangout, The Artists Exchange, and The Artists Directory. These three groups are were thousands of artists and art lovers come together with a strong ethos on supporting each other and the world of visual arts.
I sell my art through Fine Art America, and Pixels, and also sell signed prints directly. Any of my work sold through Fine Art America and Pixels goes towards the upkeep of this site so that I can offer support and promotional opportunities to independent visual artists and art collectors week after week.
My work is also sold in more than 150 retail locations across the USA including The Great Frame Up, Framing and Art Centre, and Deck the Walls. My work has been sold around the world and have a collector base not just here in the UK but overseas as well.
I live in Staffordshire, England but have travelled extensively over the years and my art is often inspired from those travels and my visits to literally hundreds of museums and galleries around the world and it is often inspired through my fascination with the oceans, and space.
My art also comes from within. My battle with Crohn’s Disease has been going on for more than twenty-years. Most of the time it’s fine, but as an inflammatory bowel disease for which there is no cure, flares can happen occasionally but this will never stop me loving the arts or creating art, and often my works draw from my own relationship with this disease. You can't catch it, it's just something that happens, but you can control your outlook and art helps me do this.
You can see my latest portfolio here: https://10-mark-taylor.pixels.com where you will also find my art featured on an extensive range of art collectibles from home décor items to museum quality stretched canvas and framed prints.
You can also find me on Fine Art America here: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/10-mark-taylor.html
You can also buy some of my work as a signed print directly by emailing me at Mark@beechhousemedia.co.uk or filling in the contact form on this site.
Check out this site for news of my limited edition signed prints which I will be making available directly in 2018!
You can also follow me on Facebook at https://facebook.com/beechhousemedia
If you require licensing for any of Mark's artwork, or you require work to be used as props in TV and film production, or you just want to say hi, either use the contact form on this site or the email address above!

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