Open Letter to the Arts Community following recent events in Texas and Louisiana

An Open Letter to All Visual Artists and Those who work in the Arts Industry Following Recent Events in Texas and Ongoing Events in Louisiana 

Sending Love to Texas and Louisiana – What can we do to help visual artists affected by the recent disaster?

With all of the political and world uncertainty nothing is guaranteed tomorrow, or in a moment, or in a year.

What really brought this home to me was the tragedy following the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the destruction caused to date and the continuing destruction now arriving in Louisiana by something we have no control over, Mother Nature. 

This really got me thinking and I have no idea how much strength anyone would need to find to live through such a devastating incident, certainly more strength than I know I would have if it happened where I live. 

It’s not just the weather, the world seems to be full of doom and gloom wherever you look lately, but it is the resilience of the people who are affected by these life-changing events which really strikes home. 

The resolve to carry on and get back to some kind of normal life seems to be inbuilt in humans who have to endure through such times. We have seen that resolve following famines, wars, and terrorist attacks, and every other type of life changing incident and you know it is remarkable just how quickly people get back to doing what they do, but sometimes they need a little help.

Whilst events like this are never forgotten, in time there seems to be at least a surface healing which carries people through as life once again resets to whatever the new normal might be. The pain and scars are still there right underneath, but the clichéd response that time is a great healer seems to always resonate and ring true, but people still need a helping hand. 

So I asked myself what would be the biggest obstacle in getting back on my feet after such an event. My first thoughts would be for those I might have lost, or for those whom others have lost, before even thinking about rebuilding a life and finding somewhere to live or somehow to survive. Many of those people might not have insurance for example. 

This got me thinking about the huge population of visual artists who may have been affected too, and as we all know the art world is a tough market at the best of times, but if you are struggling with accommodation and infrastructure issues, what must this be like? 

Right now many of those artists are probably not giving art a second thought as they face their own personal and family challenges, but many of them will be hoping that they can raise some funds. 

So here is my offer. If you are a visual artist who lives in the affected areas and you need a little promotion, send me a link to your Facebook Business page or portfolio site and I will share them on social media and on my website at 

Whilst I can’t guarantee that you will be exposed to new markets or even make a sale, every little bit of positive promotion might help in some way. If you can't get connected, at least someone will be posting for you until you get back online. 

So I also make this call to other visual artists and ask that if you know of any visual artist who has been affected by recent events, please share their work on your websites and social media posts, and help them to find something positive from the living hell they have just been through and continue to go through. Many will be finding that they can't connect online and have far more important things to worry about right now, and we all know how difficult it can be to promote our artwork even when we can get online and life is normal. 

I thought a little more about this and wondered if using the hashtags #KeepArtistsConnected  #TexasArtists and #LouisianaArtists would be worth putting into social media posts, at least that way we can find and support those who have been through and continue to go through these devastating times. 

If you operate a Print on Demand Service, you will know already the artists who live in the affected areas and who are your members, so please do whatever you can to give them a little more promotion on your websites. Even if it is just for a day, getting seen on your search pages can make all the difference. Why not waive the waiting period for payment to those artists too. They really need some help so that they can continue to create art when they get back on track. 

If you want to buy a new piece of art, consider buying from these independent local artists instead of going along to a chain store and buying something that just happens to fit in with the décor. Buy something that is original instead. Many of them will have portfolios of work available through their print on demand site profiles and it won't be the same print or painting a million other people have. 

If you are a gallery owner, please consider displaying some work even for a short time created by those who have been affected. 

Right now selling a piece of art might just give those who are dealing with this awful situation the boost they need. Whilst it’s not much, it might help someone just by maintaining their exposure while they sort things out, and as visual artists we should be supporting other visual artists, they are after all our extended family.

Best Wishes and stay strong folks, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Mark xx

If you have been affected by recent events, please use the contact form on this site or via my page thank you!


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