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It's finally here folks, and as I promised in the Beechhouse Media campaign on social media this week, it is a big one. I have selected three of my most popular pieces of artwork to offer at a very special price, and you will receive a 30-day money back guarantee as well! The savings over the regular retail price of these three pieces are the best that I have ever offered.

These works are also some of my most recent. In fact, all three of the works were only released last week, so not only will you be able to pick up a bargain, you will be among the first people to own these prints on a museum quality stretched canvas. Even better, all three pieces are from my latest abstract series so by buying all three you not only save, you will be halfway to owning the complete set within this series. The remaining three pieces will be completed soon.

Demand for these pieces will be high, and only twenty-five of each will be available at these prices. Once all twenty-five pieces within each of the three promotions are sold, the art is then only available at the regular retail price. The maximum duration of each of the three promotions will be for a maximum of three days. All offers end on Sunday.

Offer One - Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap
M.As most recent abstract

Mind the Gap is a Fine Art America exclusive. This piece was inspired by the colours of various London Underground Stations. The artwork comes on a museum quality stretched canvas and measures 20x16 inches.

Offer Two - Nothing to Decode

Nothing to Decode is also a Fine Art America exclusive. Bursts of vibrant colour give this piece a raw energy. The artwork measures 20x16 inches is beautifully printed on a museum quality stretched canvas.

Nothing to Decode
M.As Nothing to Decode


Offer Three - Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time is the third in my most recent abstract series. Again we see vibrant colour that seems to be almost frozen in place. This piece also measures 20x16 inches and comes on a museum quality stretched canvas.

Frozen in Time
Frozen in Time


Remember these are limited offers and will not be offered at this price again. Shipping is available world wide. These pieces are also available on other mediums such as phone cases, duvets, cushions and more. You can see the full range here.

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