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As artists we are coming up to the busiest season of the year for sales, well hopefully anyway. This year has been a little slower than last year, and I think many artists have been experiencing a slight decrease in sales through print on demand. Even the big auction houses have, for what seems the first time in forever, seen a number of sure sellers not being sold at all.

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As artists we need to collectively work together and support each other. Whilst that to some people might see a little counterintuitive, it's not. By supporting other artists and in turn, those artists supporting you, not only will you gain new followers and likely a few new collectors, you will also add a little variety to your own social media posts. It's good to have some variety in your social posts.

This blog has a goal to publish helpful content for those new to the arts and professional artists alike, but without the over complexity of many other artist sites. I am committed not just to the arts, but in supporting fellow artists, authors, crafters, and performing artists. As an independent artist, I know all too well that any positive exposure, is good exposure.

If you are new to my blog, make sure you check out my archived posts. Many of my previous posts feature articles that help you to become not only a better artist, but to also sell more of your art. You will also notice two pages, The Artists Exchange, which is a page that supports one of my two Facebook groups, the artists exchange a group dedicated to artists supporting and promoting other artists. My other Facebook group is The Artist Hangout.

You can join the Artists Exchange at:

And you can join the Artist Hangout at:

You'll also notice an artists spotlight page, this is where you will find artists, authors, and social media group owners who are all involved in the arts, and who have been featured in my blog. You can find out how to become a featured artist below.


One of the most exciting things that will be happening right here on this blog in the future will be the introduction of a curated gallery, where artists will be able to advertise their original work for sale. This will help connect artists to collectors, and will showcase some of the best art available from local and independent artists from around the world.

The buyers will connect directly to the artist, and the artist will then handle the sale. There will be no fee payable to me, unless you want to buy me a coffee! As an artist you will be able to provide contact details and will then liaise with any potential buyers. Think Craigs List but for independent artists.

The gallery will be curated, so only the best works will be selected for inclusion. This will hopefully become one of the best resources for collectors to seek out works from truly independent artists, crafters, artisans, and photographers. If it becomes a success, a brand new site will be created purely dedicated to the sales of original artwork, limited editions, and a possibility of also being able to sell prints in the future.


I am also interested in hearing from local art printers from around the world. The idea is that artists will then be able to offer prints via established local print shops in the region the buyer is located. A global network of print facilities who can fulfil orders to an exceptionally high standard, and at a fair price. So if you are, or know, a print service owner who can provide the quality of prints required to artists and fulfil any orders, please do get in touch at You will need to submit your details as soon as possible, because a number of printers have already been in touch. However, I am keen to utilise multiple print partners in some regions.

The aim of this service is to allow artists to work directly with local and regional printers to fulfil orders and provide a truly local offer that will minimise the costs of owning quality art prints for the buyer, and also ensure that artists and printers are fairly compensated. This will also prove that the best quality and value always comes from local artists and businesses.


Since so many artists got in touch following my recent artists spotlight post I thought about how else I might be able to give local and independent artists some free exposure. So I am pleased to let you know that you can now write an article and get it published.

In return you will get links back from this blog to your artists website, and your work can be featured. If you have ever wanted to write a blog but didn't fancy all of the work involved, this is an ideal way to try out blogging and promote your own art, crafts, photography, or other art related field. You will also be credited as the author.

Initially I will be taking blogs from all art disciplines, digital, traditional painting, mixed media, drawings, collages, and crafts, etc. and will extend it to cover other subjects over the next year if it proves to be popular.

You will need to supply any images, although some images can be provided to introduce the blog post, and you will need to create a blog post of between 1,000 and 2,000 words.

You might want to provide a tutorial, or provide information about you as the artist, your work, what inspires you, or something completely different. It has to be related to the arts, or technology used within the arts.

Blogging is a great way to get your message across and to connect with other artists and art buyers. But blogging consistently is difficult. You need to publish regularly, with some of my posts taking in excess of 20-hours to research, prepare, write, upload, test, and promote. This will provide you with the opportunity to blog as you go, without the ongoing commitment needed to maintain a full time blog.


If you wish to be considered for a place on my Artists Spotlight page without writing a blog, you can by sending just a few pieces of information to me.

• Name (and include your studio name if you have one)

• A brief bio

• Up to two or three of your favourite works which are your own in a j.peg image. Ideally images should carry your watermark and be no larger than 800 x 600 (500 x 300 is ideal as it helps to load the page faster)

• Tell me a little about what inspires you

• Let me know where people can purchase your art/book/product and provide me with the links

• Let me know if you have exhibited, won awards, or anything else that you would like the world to know

I will then feature the best entries on The Artists Spotlight page and will also promote some of the best on my social-media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. I reserve the right to not publish an entry.


Soon you will also be able to purchase a promotional page of your very own, with the page being featured on this blog. Limited pages will be available, and will be able to be purchased for a specific time period. More details will be available soon.


If there's one thing that annoys me it is when people are asked to sign up to get access to any worthwhile information from a blog. Blogging is about making your blogs public, not just to the select few who do sign up, and I also believe that blogs should be freely available.

When you sign up to receive blog updates from this blog, you will have every new post delivered to your inbox and nothing else. You can opt out at any time and it only takes a few seconds to opt in.


As more and more artists, authors, and others are promoted on this blog, the best way to help in guaranteeing that they get additional exposure is to tell others about

If you are a member of any social media groups, or have social media accounts, please could I ask that you let others know that we are here?

Also if you comment on other art sites, web forums, please feel free to add in to your comments or in signatures. The more traffic generated, then the more traffic will go to help those artists who are promoted frequently on this site. With readers joining us from the UK, US, Canada, Russia, France, Australia, and from a wealth of other countries, the more visitors, the greater the exposure for everyone.

If you are featured, then helping to spread the word is the best thing you can do. The more people who visit the site, the more people who will see your work, and this will be especially important when we start an Artist of the Month feature in the Artists Exchange, and when original art is offered for sale. Each selected artist of the month will be invited to provide a link to their work where it will be published on the artists spotlight page or on the Artists Exchange page.

So let's all try and make this coming season the best it can be for all local and international and independent artists, by sharing this blog, commenting, and joining in. It doesn't have to take long, but the benefit to artists will be deeply appreciated.



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