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There are so many different art styles that when it comes to choosing what will fit in with your home or office, that choice becomes bewildering. If you want to add something subtle, or something that will stand out and become the focal piece of your wall, there has never been a better time to try out something a little different.

Art used in interior design
A gallery wall can look stunning and needn't cost the earth


I often get asked how best to display artwork, friends and family are usually the first to give me a call, but more and more clients are getting in touch to ask if there are any particular frame styles and sizes that I would recommend for my work, and do I think a certain piece will look good in their chosen room.

So this week I thought I would give you all a few ideas about hanging art in your home or office. Increasingly many companies are displaying art and thankfully they are starting to realise that the way a piece of art is presented when hung can make a huge difference in how the art and to an extent, the company is seen.

With so many ways of hanging art, and so many print mediums to choose from, it can be daunting when it comes to deciding which piece would look best in which frame. When a client contacts me, I am always happy to help them choose the best frames and matting options prior to purchase, even if they are buying my work via print on demand. Whenever I create a piece, I always take time to visualise how a particular piece would be best displayed. If it's a light space then certain frames and even certain artwork are more suited than if it were to be displayed in a dark space.


Abstract art is my personal favourite style, in fact I started creating abstracts almost 20-years ago. Abstracts are perfect for adding a vibrant splash of colour, and they also bring an interest that holds the viewers attention.

Abstract art is certainly a lot more varied than it once was, essentially lines and shapes are created in their simplest forms, brought to life with colour. Other abstracts provide a calming focal piece to any space, whereas a geometric design will not only add a unique dimension, it will provide a flow of energy.

Gas station and London abstract art by Mark Taylor
London Abstract and Gas Station by Mark Taylor



If you want art that is instantly recognised, then the old and modern masters will provide you with a familiar piece that remains timeless. But if you want something a little different that creates a discussion or disrupts a space, you'll need something along the lines as those from a modern master, or work from an emerging artist. Emerging artists are where it's really at.


Gallery walls are becoming ever more popular, a mixture of various sized paintings or prints hanging on the same wall. If this is done with thought the results can look outstandingly beautiful and unique to you.

I have been taken with some abstract gallery walls of late, Pinterest being an excellent resource for inspiration. Many people are mixing smaller geometric designs with much larger bold abstracts, the effect is surprisingly pleasing. Whenever you create a gallery wall, remember there aren't really any rules that you need to follow, just do your own thing.

I have written about collecting art on a budget previously, gallery walls allow you to be able to put together a decent collection of higher priced but smaller prints, with larger prints being less expensive, of course you may want to spend less on the smaller works and more on the larger works. Whatever works for you is fine.


So often I have seen walls of monochrome prints without any colour evident at all. Whilst this effect is useful particularly in commercial spaces where you may want consistency, at home the rules are different.

Straits of Gibraltar by Mark Taylor
Straits of Gibraltar by Mark Taylor


Adding in a colourful abstract amongst monochrome works looks stunning with the right abstract. Take into account the colours elsewhere in the room, so for example if you have any tones of red in your room or you have wooden floors, you might want to consider adding in some art with blue tones. This really will make your artwork pop, and added with some monochrome works, the effect is particularly stunning.

If you are a fan of monochrome but want to consider adding in other colours to your art collection, then consider reds, blues, whites, and burgundies. Of course you could also use coloured frames to add colour to a monochrome collection.

Also if you have a collection of monochrome works you really could consider a series of repeated prints side by side. The theme of each print doesn't need to be the same, but ideally they should be of similar size for the best effect.

Often abstracts are displayed as a canvas, but if you have abstract prints they can easily be framed. Using simple black frames will allow you to place a bold abstract in between any monochrome works to really disrupt the space and create a strong focal point.


2016 has been a year where very large art prints have become popular. In fact some oversized prints and originals don't even have to be hung. They can be propped against a wall, and this looks particularly good in loft type spaces, although I'm more of a hang the art on the wall type.

Smaller prints around oversized prints work very well. They add interest in the space around the larger print creating pockets of interest prior to the main event as it were.

If you are in to urban loft type living, sorry I am more of a cottage in the country near the sea type, there are some staples of design that you might want to consider. Pop Art was a movement that started in the 50's, made popular by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, and is synonymous with loft space living. It provides a really fun vibe, and particularly if you have exposed brick walls, it can really have an impact that adds splashes of colour and interest to the exposed brick.

Talking of exposed brick walls and to an extant my preference above pop art which I absolutely love, would be to consider street and urban art. A Banksy or similar looks particularly great against exposed brick, and my London Abstract available here: or my Gas Station abstract which also has a retro vibe and is available here:

Other works of mine that look really good against exposed brick walls are from my On The Bus Collection, available here: and here: and here:

On the bus Collection by Mark Taylor
On the Bus Collection by Mark Taylor


Typography prints also look really good in urban loft spaces, and I am currently working on a Cold War collection after creating a few artwork props for use in TV and film. My love of the Cold War from an historic perspective, and the mystery around places such as Area 51, have really inspired me to start working on a new collection. I am hoping to get the first pieces out during 2016 so keep an eye open on this blog, on my Facebook page at and at for more information as to when the collection will be released.


I love light spaces, and even if you don't get a lot of direct sunlight in a room you can still make it bright. Painting wooden floors with whites, light greys and light blues, will add a calming effect to your room and will really brighten it up without having to resort to extra lighting.

Crisp white linen, maybe some antique effect furniture that is washed in whites, blues, and greys will provide the base for a room with a feel of summer all year round.

My Twin Sails artwork available here: and my Forever Sea piece available here: will add a calming and serene nautical effect to the space, as will my semi-abstract, Oceans Blue which is available here:

Twin Sails by Mark Taylor
Twin Sails by Mark Taylor


If you are going for a lighter look you can add in discrete colour by using weathered effect materials, distressing some furniture, or adding in stones for texture. The distressed furniture in a lighter space always reminds me of ageing beach huts with their chipped wood fronts weathered from many storms. In fact if you are lucky enough to own a summerhouse, give it a holiday feel all year round and lighten it up with an ocean theme.

Forever Sea By Mark Taylor
Forever Sea by Mark Taylor


Old ropes, classic blue and white nautical stripes, maybe some typography too and each time you spend any time in the room you'll be whisked away to the beach. Add in a few seashells, together with smooth stones, maybe even hang a life preserver on a wall, and the effect will be complete, and you can sip long glasses of lemonade, even from a Pinterest jar, otherwise known as a mason jar.

Oceans Blue by Mark Taylor
Oceans Blue by Mark Taylor

When choosing a wall colour to produce a lighter effect you don't have to go with a bright white all of the time. A shade with greyish, blue tones that's still bright can be used on three walls or as a feature wall a few shades darker than the brighter walls. Four bright white walls can give a slightly clinical feel to the room, so feel free to break it up a little whilst still retaining the lightness.

My recent Straits of Gibraltar (seen above) will add a misty effect to the space along with a nautical theme. Sailing at 15 knots in the early morning mist through the Straits of Gibraltar, this epic scene is a rare sight of the coast of Northern Africa and the region of Morocco from such a unique perspective.

Approximately 9 miles (14 km) wide at its narrowest point, the Strait of Gibraltar is the entry point into the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered by the continents of Africa and Europe, and the countries of Morocco, Spain, the British colony of Gibraltar, and the Spanish exclave of Ceuta.

The Strait depth extends to 900 metres (3,000 ft) on the shortest route, although it is only about 300 metres deep slightly further west, where the European and African tectonic plates meet. The shortest crossing is 14 kilometres (8.7 mi).

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