Free Coffee Tomorrow


I created this piece after watching a rerun of Friends! I don't personally drink alcohol, it's ok, you can still trust me, I don't drink because a half pint of Shandy Bass has me on my back for a week, I have mice in workman boots running through my head, and the world becomes really wobbly! Some people call it a hangover. Personally, one more drink is just borrowing happiness from tomorrow. I digress! What inspired this piece was still seeing those signs behind bars that say Free Beer Tomorrow. (I occasionally still go to bars and have a glass of coca cola, or a lime and lemon, and come out knowing that I will wake up with only the aches from age)

I prefer coffee, Starbucks and Costa is where I do business and come up with my best ideas. What I did notice in many of the franchised coffee shops, is that they're all very corporate. That's why I like finding old style coffee shops in places like Soho and Stratford Upon Avon. They have character, they are the bars that middle aged men (and women) go to if they want to avoid hangovers. More importantly, they have character, and often have some great design touches.

Even better when they sell local artists work. It's something nice to look at, and I don't see the franchised coffee shops going down that route anytime soon.



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