My foray into an Alien world!


Grey by M.A

So I'm being forced to rest up at the moment. Doctors orders and all that, but I'm getting seriously bored! My imagination seems to be working overtime, and I'm wondering if in all the tests they've done, if or not they actually have implanted me with something.

I digress, I often do, but anyway this is the product of a couple of days of resting up. It will be available on Fine Art America, and Zazzle, if there is enough demand, and it will also be available directly. If you purchase from the direct route, I use local print businesses to produce high quality prints, and I also sign the piece and issue a signed certificate of authenticity. Update: yup, it's now available on Zazzle, Fine Art America, and directly. Out of interest it has also been stacked numerous times on Art Stack. which is also available through the App Store and well worth a download for anyone interested in just viewing art work from pretty much every artist ever!

However you want the image, I can usually source the most appropriate way of providing it. Maybe you want it mounted and framed, or maybe just a signed A4 or larger (or smaller!) print. Just let me know.

Digital files are available for £20, and payment via PayPal is accepted. Digital files are initially sent with a watermark, and once payment is received a second unwatermarked file is sent via email or Dropbox. If you prefer to receive the file on a USB stick, the total cost including P&P in the UK is £28*

*When purchasing a digital file, please note that all artworks unless commissioned are strictly for personal use, no commercial use or upload to print on demand services for commercial gain is allowed.

If you would like an exclusive or non-exclusive licence for any artworks, please get in touch. 2 year commercial licences start from just £139, no ongoing royalties, and full use.



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