Oh My!

Here's the thing, I'm still resting up although I'm off to see the consultant again tomorrow, hoping that I'm in enough of a remission to start the new medication. The thing is, in between many bouts of sleepiness, my mind is craving some form of stimulation. What can you do when the mind is wanting to do stuff, but there's not enough in the reserve tank to do anything other than look into the black mirror of an iDevice, or a laptop?

So, today I made a conscious effort to plug in an old hard drive to my NAS box and have a look at some stuff I did what must have been a couple of years ago. What I expected to find was pretty much old files, complaint letters about a mobile phone mast, a couple of unfinished pieces of art work that I gave up on, and maybe a couple of IT architecture diagrams that never quite cut it.

What I certainly didn't expect was to find a folder called "nearly done". I opened it, and oh my, there was over 70 pieces of work that were actually nearly done. Most of them must have been done when I was going through my landscape phase.

I think every designer goes through phases, my current phase being a bit of a mix, although I am enjoying the street art scene at the moment and the Pelri style, popular in the 11th to 15th Century throughout Nepal. I also love Tibetan signage, and this is what has given me an interest in different typography styles used in advertising throughout the region. The signs are colourful, and they all seem to get straight to the point. No masking the product or service offered. Whenever I visit the Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World, yes I do love the rides, the characters and all things Disney, but I often stand in awe of the excellent theming they install using original materials from the region.

So, it looks like I have probably 20 or so landscapes that are nearly complete. I will have a bit of a tinker and post some here. I might even create a new gallery page!


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