I Gave In..

Just a quick update today folks! I finally gave in and joined that Twitter thing. The reason for this is because I am told it's great for small businesses who want to keep in touch with their clients. I like to think I already do, but if it's the preferred platform, then let's do it! Oh my Twitter name is @beechhouseart because everything else had already gone.

Apparently I need followers. I have one who followed me the second I joined, but he seemed to be ranting over the price of crack. Not sure he's going to be a client of mine. Unless I meet him in my day job...

So now I have a Facebook, a Pinterest thingy, obviously this blog, an account at ArtStack and a Google Plus page. What I find interesting is that on my Google Plus page which I admit to rarely keeping an eye on, I actually get between 500 and 1000 hits per day!

I've been doing the personal social media thing for years, but it was always something I could pick up and put down as and when. When you have a customer base, it becomes a huge piece of work in itself to keep everything updated.

I do the Linked In thing because I also have a day job over and above my art work, but what i have found with Linked In, is that although I know every single one of my connections, including dare I say it, a few famous names, people stalk me out and use it as an avenue to sell me something I don't need, or to ask me for an endorsement.

I manage to control Linked In activity well, but I would never use it as a platform to sell my art. It's separate from my day job work. Art is "me time". In fact if you asked anyone on Linked In if they thought I was involved in art, they would for the most part say they had no idea. Am I missing some sales? Yes probably, some do collect art, but not enough for me to start bringing my passion closer to my day job.

So, now I'm committed to spend some more of "me time" twittering. I'm definitely not going to constantly check the feed, heaven knows I already spend five minutes checking Facebook, and seven hours later I am reading about camels. But I wonder just how many social media platforms are enough?

Let me know how many platforms each of you are juggling! Pretty sure I'm not the only one whose DNA has become more digital since birth!

Just one more thing... I have managed to lay down the base for a new piece. Can you tell what it is?





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