Ping Pong

Firstly, before I get onto the main focus of today's ramblings, you may have noticed I changed the logo for BeechHouse Media. The old one had been in use for a while, but it was only ever temporary whilst I focussed on producing some more art work.

I wanted something that gave a strong brand image, and I carried out quite a bit of research before coming up with it. Generally, I wanted the colours to remain the same, but also wanted something that was bolder and recognisable. Feedback so far has been good, but please let me know your thoughts. It was one of about 20 or so that I created, and the one I enjoyed working on the most.

Now onto today's hot subject. Ping Pong Paddles. I was asked if I could produce something on a Ping Pong Paddle that featured a tiger. Given that Tigris is a fairly new semi abstract of a Tiger, it made sense to incorporate it into the design.

Now, here's the thing. The last and only time I played Ping Pong or Table Tennis As its called depending on who you speak to, was when I was on board a cruise ship. My coordination with anything mildly active is poor. That's me being really optimistic. In reality it's beyond poor. I can't keep up with the ball. It moves too fast and is way too small. How those chaps and ladies who play professionally do it is beyond me.

To make matters worse, I was actually asked on the cruise to try not to play so often. I got the impression that new balls couldn't be supplied until we reached Italy. There were many hushed murmurings and then the Captain appeared. Every ball I was given is currently floating in the Bay of Biscay.

That's some achievement given the table tennis tables were actually inside the ship. It wasn't my fault that there was a door to the windiest deck just in front and behind me. The Bay of Biscay was rough, translated by the Captain who said its actually calmer than a mill pond.

According to the ships crew who by now had gathered around to watch a mid life xx year old man waving as if he had been thrown overboard, I was considered to be a danger to all those around me, especially as the paddle, although at the time I called it a bat, also ended up somewhere in the Bay of Biscay. I just hope no fishes were injured.

They even mentioned a risk assessment, and I felt sure that the waiter got to hear about it when I went for my evening meal. He approached me with a menu, but gave it to me with an outstretched arm, standing way back and he had a worried look on his face.

I think it was a relief for them when I disembarked for the day to go and see another church. For those who have been on a cruise, you'll know that every port has one, and if they haven't, the cheapest excursion is usually to, you guessed it, a church, or a street market, but usually even this is next to a church.

A warning to those on the Royal Caribbean ship I will be sailing on in August, best get some heavy supplies of balls, and buy a few of my bats from I may even sign them.




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