Sunset Shoreline

It's taken me a while, in fact it has taken me the best part of three months of coming back to it, going away, and coming back again to complete it. Sunset Shoreline has been a piece that I have loved doing, but couldn't quite finish because I enjoyed working on it so much.

I produced it using only an iPad, together with Procreate, Sketch Club, and iDraw, using my Wacom Fineline Bluetooth stylus. The inspiration came from me being lucky enough to enjoy a quiet and peaceful evening on a beach in Northern Germany whilst cruising around the Baltic. A place I thought would be freezing cold, but as we headed up towards Norway, the sun shined all the way to St. Petersburg.

I knew of course that Germany wasn't landlocked, but I hadn't realised just how beautiful the beaches were. Another surprise on the same trip was Estonia. A day spent in sunshine I misread, resulting in sunburn that still makes me sting just thinking about it. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all sunshine, Norway was particularly cloudy, yet I still managed to add to my sting. We spent the only two days in the last six months in St. Petersburg when it didn't rain. Although it was the first time I felt the need for a big sweater, I was soon warmed up by the offer of free Vodka from every shop I visited. I don't drink, but it was rude to say no. I'd watched enough Cold War films to concern me about the activities of the KGB. All a bit over the top though, I was warmly greeted everywhere I went, and even the armed immigration officer smiled and joked before quickly ushering us towards free Vodka with every purchase of a Faberge Egg.

So here it is, Sunset Shoreline my latest seascape. It's available on Zazzle, Fine Art America, and Red Bubble. I also have the master digital print, printed on premium grade canvas and framed with a signed certificate of authenticity for sale directly. If you are interested, use the contact form at the bottom of the page, price is on application and dependant on how you want it framed, and where you want it delivered.

Hope you like it, and if you have some travel stories about places that inspire you inner creative self, please share them in the comments.




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