Welcome to Gallery 7

If I owned a physical gallery, I think I would have run out of money way before now, expanding it, knocking down walls, using my favourite duct tape and banging in a few nails. I would probably have an accident with an hammer, and spend the rest of the week in hospital with multiple injuries. I'm not a DIY God.

I've been busying myself finishing off seven new works today. I spent all morning and most of the afternoon finishing them, and then spent over four hours uploading the works to Zazzle and Fine Art America, oh, and promoting them through all of my social media channels, which took an eternity. Now, it's time to go and catch up on Season 4 of the X-Files. Given I missed it the first time around, I've heard that Netflix is taking them all off the air on the 15th April. So I have five more seasons to cram in, and no time. Netflix, you are my nemesis today.

I have also added a new Gallery page to the blog http://www.beechhousemedia.co.uk/p/gallery-7.htmlor you can click the links on the right hand side of this page. I have started to put my descriptions with each of my new works, those descriptions that take me longer than all of the work above combined, to write. It's my pet hate, but it's important. I'm getting slightly better at the whole meta tag thing though, so that's progress.

Sunday night, and back to the day job tomorrow. Luckily I'm only in London one day this week, for a meeting that will suck my creative soul. Monday's do that too. I'm only doing the work one point zero job for four days this week. Friday is a bank holiday, and then I have a whole week off. Maybe I will spread my creativity over the week rather than trying to cram in nearly 15 hours of work on a Saturday and the same on a Sunday. Who knows, you might even see a few more blog posts as well.

Don't get too hopeful though, the daughter is also off school, so will be most insistent that I stop working and take her shopping. At twelve, she already knows the difference between ASDA and Harrods, and that is slightly worrying.

Does anyone else spend their entire weekends Zazzling, creating, social media-ing (pretty sure that's a word), and hoping that you will either win the lotto, or sell so many pieces of art that Monday makes no dent in the stressometer?

One final thought before I get cosy with Scully. Art is not what you see, it is what you let others see.


One of many new works in Gallery 7




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