Fan Art!

This is a piece that has taken a while to complete. Just looked at the total editing time, and it is running at 149 hours or to put that into a little more context, 6 days and 5 hours. That's over a period of just over a year, often spending only 20-60 minutes or so at a time doing some doodling. In most cases whilst having to spend boring nights in hotels with my life one point zero real work outside of my art and consultancy stuff!

I started it just over a year ago, and returned to it the other day to start the process of prepping the file, resolution etc.

It's all created with Vectors using iDraw on the iPad, before assembling it using a couple of other pieces of software. All completed on the iPad, using a Bamboo Fineline Stylus and a not always steady hand.

From one of my all time favourite TV shows, Fringe. The brilliant acting from John Noble who plays Walter, and [Walternate]. This guy deserves an Emmy at least. Genius acting of a genius. If you haven't watched it, you need to. It's on Netflix in the UK.

Anna Torv who plays Olivia,

Joshua Jackson who plays Peter Bishop,

Jasika Nicole who plays Astrid,

Lance Reddick who plays Philip Broyles,

and Michael Ceveris who plays The Observer/September.

Why they dumped this show really is beyond me, but I guess it will go with Firefly, Jericho, and a few other cult classics. All brilliant shows, all dumped by the networks.

So here are the stats:

The completed work is 8192 pixels wide and 5000 pixels in height. That equates to 138.72 centimetres or 54.61inches by, 84.67 centimetres or 33.33 inches. The original image is 150 ppi (pixels per inch).

This will however I'm afraid, be just fan art, unavailable for sale as I'm likely to run into some issues if I did sell it!

All I need is a big printer... I might create some individual pieces of each character at some point, if I do I will put them on the Gallery page!



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