Rediscovered and it's better than Facebook!

I've rediscovered Pinterest, and it's pretty awesome! The truth is I had it installed, set up an account, and then occasionally had a peep when posts on my Facebook newsfeed dried up, or I had seen them all. It wasn't very often, but it passed a couple of minutes.

Yesterday though, I got sucked in. Can anyone tell me why I went on it for a couple of minutes and lost nearly four hours looking at camels, cats, and how to cook KFC style chicken? It took a hold of me and it was interesting. Interesting to the point that I also passed on a recipe for KFC style chicken to the wife in the hope that's what I will get for my dinner tonight. I doubt I will though, we haven't got the garlic or the paprika, but I will be adding it to the shopping list she leaves on the kitchen work surface prior to doing the big shop.

The community also seem to be quite pleasant. I didn't see the trolling that occurs at a rate faster than light on Facebook, and I got some new followers who seemed to like some of my work that I uploaded. So I think I'll be paying more attention to Pinterest, and if you want to follow me my username is @beechhousemedia

Have a great day.




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