Whispering Shores and how it was produced.

Here's one that has taken a while to complete. I created it using an iPad with a mixture of Procreate, Sketch Club, and Art Rage, using a Wacom Bamboo Fineline Stylus. (The best stylus I have ever used, and I have tried lots of them!). Between each stage, the work was enlarged using Photoshop on the PC, before coming together as a final image that was ready for POD upload. That's the problem using many different apps, they all produce different sizes, but it's easy when you use layers. I used around 30 layers in this piece. I also used iColorama to enhance some of the effects. In total, this is the sum of around 30 hours of work over a period of around 8-months. Apparently, you have to be patient in this game!

Whispering Shores by M.A now available on Zazzle.co.uk/beechhouse* and Fine Art America http://10-mark-taylor.fineartamerica.com/

Like I said in my earlier post, Promote, Promote, Promote, and I will add Produce, Produce. The new five P's of Print on Demand!

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