New Art Work Arriving Very Soon!

Not posted for a couple of days. Had a few colitis issues, followed by an infection, but for the first time since Christmas I have actually got in the car and been to the shop this morning. That's real progress, and hopefully I won't get another infection and will be back at my work one point zero job before too much longer.

The upside of course is that it has given me sometime to have a play with some new techniques and I also discovered an app called iColorama on the iPad. Why this isn't the number one arty app in the App Store defies belief. Of course it could be because the learning curve is very, very, steep. If you are used to using full blown design systems from Adobe then it is actually very easy to pick up. If you are not familiar, then my advice is to just download it, head on over to their Facebook page and join their thriving community. In the process, saving a couple of hundred pounds on some decent design software. It really is that good.

I've been finishing off a few pieces of art. There are a couple of serial editions, some stand alone work, and some typography with a twist. Many are now complete, they'll be uploaded as soon as I complete the remaining few pieces. I'm waiting it out while I get the others done, because if it is one thing I have learned from Print On Demand sites is that you need to occasionally flood the latest page with new works.

This explains why so many of the POD members who do digital work, just create the same pieces with either a different font, or a different colour. It does give people a choice, but it makes your artwork so much harder to be seen.

I'm not against this, but it does mean that artists who create individual pieces often get placed at the bottom of the rankings, way below the phone cases, coasters, and aprons. Don't get me wrong, I do these items as well, not so much the aprons, but I do try to keep my work individual. In some instances though, I saw over 300 of the same design, on consecutive pages, the difference between each piece was all in the font used.

Maybe POD should limit the number of the same designs that are uploaded at the same time. If I was a customer I think I would have given up going further on if I had come across nearly 10 pages of essentially the same design.

What is it that good POD sites need?


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