Working on new pieces

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most illogical of places. Namely a hard drive that I had forgotten about that had been sitting on a shelf for 18 months. I had completely forgotten what was on it, but I am so glad I plugged it in.

I found a folder called nearly done, and within the folder there were over 70 pieces of work that were nearly done. This came as a surprise, what I had expected was to find word documents, maybe a couple of pieces that I got bored with, and maybe some excel spreadsheets. What I hadn't expected was for the folder to only contain work that I had worked on about four or five years ago, way before I had any thought that one day I would actually sell it.

I probed the drive forensically at this point. Why not, that's what I do in the real world. I'm so glad I did. I found another folder with yet even more work on it. Looking through it, it was probably left there because I had no audience for it, and I used to create pieces far quicker than I do today. My life 1 point zero job sees to that. Coupled with my ongoing fight with colitis means I don't get nearly enough time to work on any artwork. But this find is pure gold.

All I need to do is the preparatory work to make sure they are all at the correct resolutions, work out which ones are any good, and complete a few others. I knew I'd saved them for a reason! Now I'm sure I also had another hard drive, but I can't begin to think where it is. It's here somewhere I'm sure.

Anyone else dug out an old hard drive recently?



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