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A twist on Painted Lady!


The title clearly intrigued you, now I am slightly worried about my readers. Well, last week was a bit of a crazy week. My day job took over the best part of 80-hours, I had to stay over in a hotel, and there was free entertainment in the bar. Despite this, I managed to pull together a couple of blog posts, complete nine new pieces of art, before realising that there was no week left. On Sunday, I mowed the lawn.


I'm hoping this week is less crazy, and I am really hoping that it's less of a stress fest. It won't be of course, it will be just as crazy as last week, and I just know that at least one night this week will be spent in a hotel room, alone with my good luck roll of Duct Tape. It can't fix stupid, but it can tie it up. Not as I would, but I noticed last week when I took out the crumpled shirt from my suite case, that there was a roll of Duct Tape sitting at the bottom. How it got there, I really have no idea. Packing it at 4:30am probably had something to do with it.


Despite all of this, I realised that crazy things go on all the time. Last year, something odd happened in Colorado. Each month hundreds of books appeared along the highway. Abandoned, with no apparent motive. Locals called whoever threw out the books, a book tosser. In the UK the latter word has a slightly different meaning.


Colorado state troopers solved the mystery. Allegedly, a man by the name of Glenn Pladsen was ticketed when caught in the act of throwing books out of his car window. Now what I find interesting is that there was clearly a lot of speculation around the meaning of someone doing such a thing. I can only imagine how much time was spent by psychological profiling, looking for patterns in the books texts, and figuring out what the message was.


One thing all of the people who were trying to figure this out didn't realise is that Pladsen came across thousands of books when a used bookstore was sold. He tried selling them through Amazon, but that didn't work out. Instead, thwarted by long work hours, and arthritis, Pladsen threw out the books while commuting to and from work.


So, despite the romantic notion from all of those who joined the heady ranks of becoming amateur profilers, the reality was that this guy simply didn't want to ever appear on the reality TV show, Extreme Hoarders. I can only assume that the good people of Colorado (I have a collector who lives there), are well and truly glad that this "chapter" is finally over.

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