Kusama & Apple TV

Mountain by M.A is currently available from Fine Art America and Zazzle

Created using Sketch Club on the iPad

Easter has been and gone and today is a Bank Holiday in the UK which means I have at least some time to write another blog post. This is setting a record for me, I try to update the blog at least twice a week, but I'm on leave from my day job, and hypothetically I should have some extra time to write more, create more, and finish off the last few seasons of the X-Files on Netflix, before they pull it down on the 15th April. A date which is looming closer by the second, and I still have so much Mulder and Scully left to see. I just know I am going to end up buying the box set to complete my X-Files binge.

What's caught my eye in the world of art today? Well, according to a survey that was conducted to look at museum attendance in 2014, the most popular artist in the world is a woman by the name of Yayoi Kusama who resides in Japan.

Kusama is 86 years old, and remarkably she has lived voluntarily in a mental institution in Tokyo since 1977. She is best known for her polka-dot and mirror installations. But more interestingly Kusama is now, as suggested by the Art Newspaper, “the poster girl for the globalisation of contemporary art".

Ive been looking at some of Kusama's work online and it is both vibrant and wouldn't look out of place in some trendy New York gallery. So if you are looking for something interesting to look at, take a look around the web at some of Kasuma's work.

What's caught my eye elsewhere in the world? Apple TV. Or more to the point the fact that a new Apple TV is imminent. My guess is it will come between Late August and October, although my money is on a fall release. Surprisingly though the one feature that was almost a definite, is very unlikely to be a feature on a system that hasn't been updated for so long. 4K TV will not it appears, be supported.

That's not a huge deal, although I am slightly confused as to why it might not have this feature given how long ago the last update to Apple TV was made. I have been pondering this purchase for a while. I have a smart TV, and a PlayStation 4, so making the purchase of the Apple TV seems until this point, well, a little pointless for me. I only really want one because I am caught up in Apple's Eco system. iPad, iPhone, in fact in this house there are five iPads, and four iPhones, with an upgrade to the 6+ imminent, and a 6 for the daughter when her contract comes to an end in August.

I'm not invested in Apple purely because the house resembles an Apple Store, just a little more cluttered because I have a child, I'm invested in Apple due to two reasons. Firstly, I create all of my art on the iPad, and secondly I have spent years collating a growing number of apps that I couldn't function without. I tried the Android thing when Google first released the Google phone, and to be fair I was a fan. The issue for me came when Android versions got confusing. I was never sure if I had a Kit Kat or a Jelly Bean. With iOS, subsequent numbering made my life less confusing.

I've also tried to create digital art with Android devices, but without much success. Maybe these days the apps are better, but in the early days, many Android devices were woefully underpowered to carry out such work professionally. These days, I am certain that there are more powerful devices that can probably handle graphic creation as well as, and indeed maybe better than the iPad, but it's too late for me I am totally invested.

So, do I go out and buy myself an Apple TV while the current generation is at a rock bottom price, or do I wait for the 4K less new generation, or should I not get one at all? After all, a new show will be found on Netflix once the X-Files is pulled, and I am always open to widening my viewing options.

I am going to be featuring some of my most used apps for creating my art in a future blog post, if you have a favourite, let me know and maybe I can add that to the blog as well.



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