Three new artworks added!

How unlike me to create two blog posts in one day!

I have spent the entire morning preparing the files, writing those dreaded descriptors and creating swathes of meta data. A familiar ritual to those who create for print on demand. A ritual that to me, is way harder than updating the blog.

I have also been reviewing some apps that I either use, or have previously used to create some digital magic on the iPad. So it has once again been a busy morning. I am so excited about my latest three pieces, I was excited to work on them, and they have taken me what seems like forever to complete.

First up is Body Heat. This took me around 15 hours to complete, not including the creation of the meta data. I created this piece using Sketch Club on the iPad, and then did a little tinkering using Procreate. It's available from and although it usually takes 24 hours to appear on the Zazzle store. Also worth noting that all of my work is available through any Zazzle domain (


Next up is Liberty Sky. This piece was as always with any of my work, created on the iPad. I used a varied mix of apps to produce this work. Sketch Club, Procreate, and my favourite, iDraw. Again it's available from Fine Art America, and Zazzle.

And my final piece of the day is FLAG. This was created over a period of around 15 hours, using Art Rage, and Procreate. I'm particularly proud of FLAG, although I'm not American, America is my favourite place. Period.

FLAG is available from any of the Zazzle stores, Fine Art America and

I'm now off to watch some Netflix, and I'm hoping at some point that I will be able to have some "me" time on the PS4. Yes, I'm a gaming geek, it's a distraction from everything else that goes on in that thing called real life!





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