My 2015 Top Tech Wishlist.

Dad, what on earth is this thing?

What’s on my wish list this year?



Those who know me also know that I am a 4k convert, but having seen 10k+ video, I think I will wait another couple of years and see what is around before I start the process of moving further into the 21st Century. For now, I am sticking with my trusty XA-20E. It records HD fine, although it is around £13,000 cheaper than the new beasts from Cannon.


I can’t at this moment in time justify the huge price needed to afford such 4k beautifulness, but I am hopeful that one day I will sell enough of my work so that I can start delving into the next generation of visual definition, and actually start creating some decent footage. In the meantime, I can only wait and hope that Cannon take some pity on me and sends me one of the new models to review, permanently!


After what seems to be months of rumours which have grown stronger with the approach of the NAB show, Cannon finally announced a 4k Cinema EOS camera. The EOS C300 Mark II. Hey, that’s nice, they used my name in honour.


It joins the DP-V2410 which is a 24 inch reference display, and a further new model, the XC10 which is a compact digital stills and video camera, suitable for those aspiring to become film makers. Prices have finally been announced, £11,299 + Tax will buy you into the C300 from this September. This remember, only gets you into the aspiring to be a film maker league. In other words, you will need to spend much, much more to compete with Spielberg.


It joins the the DP-V2410, a 24-inch 4K reference display, and another new 4K model, the XC10, a compact video and digital stills camera for aspiring filmmakers. The DP-V2410 is expected to be available in Europe in Q4 2015

So what’s next on my wish list?


Ok, this is going to be a must have above and beyond even the Apple Watch. Sony will be releasing their new Virtual reality headset but not until next year. To me it seems more refined than the Oculus which is now owned by Facebook. Honestly, I have no idea what Facebook will do with the Oculus, but I cannot begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to Sony’s baby.


The problem is going to be around price, Oculus is set to be priced between £150 & £300, when it finally gets released, but I seriously doubt the lower price, purely because the components are going to cost heaps, add on distribution and a profit for the reseller, and in my humble opinion, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if either of these devices are nearer £400 on release.


But, as a Sony gamer, and have been since the PS1, this VR headset opens up so many possibilities, not just for gaming, but can you imagine walking around the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg Russia, not only in your own front room, but also without the seemingly millions of other people who go there at exactly the same time that you do. This my friends, is competing for my attention above all else, well apart from a Tesla, or the new Jaguar SUV also to be released next year.


Finally, I have to say that the third piece of I must own tech, is of course the apple Watch. I was excited at the keynote, and somewhat disappointed that there wasn’t one in the goody bag. The only problem with first gen Apple, is that the first gen watch will quickly become outdated in a way that the first iPad became outdated the minute developers insisted on being able to access the camera of the iPad 2.


Will I join the throes of people queuing up for the Apple Watch over the coming weeks? Well I would like to be, but common sense tells me that next year’s update, the Apple Watch 2 is inevitable, will have a faster processor, and the battery life will be significantly better. Maybe they will eventually release the Apple Watch Air. So slim, you will loose it between your index finger and your thumb when you try to put it on.


That’s not to say that if someone told me I could go out and buy the first generation, i.e. the wife, that I would still wait for next year’s second generation model, I would be queuing up with the best of them over the next few days.


So what technology is currently getting your attention? What are you most excited about in 2015?



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