Star Wars and You're Running Out Of Time!

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So... On with the show as they say!
Mass hysteria over the new Star Wars movie trailer has left me slightly bewildered. The second trailer has been released and social media is awash with the comments of grown men, behaving in the same way that young girls did in the days of the Beatles.
I noticed in one tweet that a man who on his profile admitted to being 35, and surprisingly in a relationship (it didn’t say in a relationship with who or what by the way…) confessed that he had taken a day off work to catch the first glimpse of the new trailer, and proceeded to watch it over 40 times. In the end he was so excited he was in tears.
Another confessed that his wife was a huge Star Wars fan, and he hadn’t seen his wife this happy since their wedding day. Seriously my friend, you need to up your game in the husband department.
Don’t get me wrong, I will be dutifully going to see the new movie on its release date, and I will spend countless hours prior to that replaying the DVD boxsets of the original three movies, and what are to me, the three disappointing movies that were subsequently released some years later. Hey, I remember queuing up in a line that wrapped twice around the cinema when the original Star Wars was released all those years ago.
You can forgive a small child getting overly excited about the new movie, and to an extent, I am quite looking forward to going to see the new one on the big screen, but come on, seriously why do grown men collect every Star Wars branded plastic toy, action figure and sticker book? It’s a movie.
Star Wars though is also an extraction process for money. The original films and the pre-releases that followed have generated $4.5bn in worldwide ticket sales. According to Bloomberg data, the release of the trailer for The Force Awakens added almost $2bn to the value of Disney who now own the franchise and rights.
That brings me on to Disney. I am a huge fan. Take me to their theme parks and suddenly my mental age regresses to a five year old. This is the problem, I really and sincerely hope that Disney don’t try to make this into another Frozen style product to proudly display in their theme parks. I also sincerely hope that Princess Leia doesn’t burst into song as Queen Elsa did, because if I hear just one more rendition of Let it Go, I don’t think I will be able to let it go.

You may have also noticed a new gallery page on the blog. Welcome to Gallery 8, you can either click on the link in the menu on the right hand side of the page, unless you are reading this on mobile, or you can click or touch (depending on what you are reading this on) this link

Hang on… must go, the theme from Star Trek is playing on my phone, I think its Scottie. I will be back with another post tomorrow, and it's all about putting a value on your own work!


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