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Quite a week again. My day job has taken over most of the week and I have had very little time to get creative after work. I have been coming home and going straight to bed. OK, I have also watched some Netflix, but that beats resorting to the use of crystal meth for relaxation.


Last week I noticed that two self-portraits by Francis Bacon had been rediscovered. There is an expectation that they will fetch up to £15m each. Wow, that’s an awful lot of Bacon. It always amazes me just how much some paintings are worth. My personal collection is small and meek by comparison, I think over the last ten or so years I have probably invested around £2,000 in paintings.


A few however, have taken a residence in a cupboard, carefully stored, and I am waiting for the day they are actually worth something. I really have no idea why I purchased a couple of pieces, maybe my tastes are becoming more refined as I creek towards middle age? One thing is certain, they won’t be hung on the dining room wall anytime soon. They don’t go with the curtains so I am told by the wife.


I do keep reading that people occasionally find a rare painting in the loft, or the garage, they take it to get a value on it, and they come out millions richer. Why on earth doesn’t that happen to me? I once found a Kodak Brownie camera, I took that to an antique shop and came out £5 richer. It had cost me £10 to put fuel in the car to drive to the antique shop, add on another £2.80 for a coffee, £1.20 for a packet of two biscuits, in total I made a loss that would make any entrepreneur weep into his champagne.


Believe me when I say I have looked high and low in this house to find something lurking away that would make my life infinitely richer, but nothing, although I do need to clear out the garage at some point. The garage is that other building that came with the house. It has never seen a car, and has become like an episode of Extreme Hoarders. Not that I am hoarding anything, it’s just that everything goes into what I call the waiting room for the tip. I really must sort it out, I did it last year but it’s just as bad again. I need to create a new Zen space with a work bench.


Something else caught my eye last week as well. Disney partnered with Cornell and Carnegie Mellon Universities and developed a 3D printer that uses felt. It creates squishy (is that an actual word?) objects by using layers of felt. The result I saw on the web didn’t inspire me with enough confidence that they should immediately print out Mickey and Donald and sell them in their gift shops. It does seem to have some practical uses though, and with time we might just see some 3D printed gifts available in Disney Stores and theme parks worldwide.


Something else Disney came up with which initially seems a very bizarre idea, is an ultrasonic knob for a smartphone. Are they not smart enough? Clearly not. I think I get why they have done it, but to me it all seems a little aspirational and will probably end up being used for some interactive element of a Disney toy. The device is said to be being demoed at the CHI 2015 conference in Seoul, formally titled Human Factors in Computing Systems. Whatever they call it, it sounds like an interesting day out.


You'll have noticed that I have put another three pieces of my art work on a limited time, limited quantity promotion. I have also created more new pieces which you can purchase from any of my stores below.*

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