It Ain't Apple!

HP, the company that have dominated the desktop PC market for years no longer wants to be a "screwdriver" PC maker that makes look-alike laptops and desktops. In HP’s new direction the focus will be on design and innovation and it’s preparing to spin-off into a separate company. The PC group will be known as HP Inc.

Consumers no longer want the plastic casings, so the direction of travel is to mimic Apple’s design and use metal in a variety of colours. HP is also expanding its range of hardware options for consumers, business and gamers and is to focus on a future where Virtual Reality will be an important part of the computing experience.

I suppose you could say I have been a fan of HP for some time. I have a couple of their servers, and an HP laptop. The laptop, although plastic does feature some neat design elements, and it is those that first drew me towards HP as a company. The reality is that no HP laptop or desktop has ever had the visual appeal of an Apple product.

In reality I personally think they are a little late to the game. If HP want to be different, then they need to be different. As it stands, apart from the price premium of Apple and the fact that HP’s products are going to be Windows based environments, I seriously doubt that this will drive consumers already within the Apple eco-system away from their sleek Mac Book Pro’s and Airs.

For consumers looking for a Windows device, it is a solid move to migrate away from traditional plastics, but I for one am furiously saving my pennies to commit further into the Apple Empire by buying a sleek Mac Book Air. That said, I am reasonably confident that by the time I will have saved enough pennies, we might be looking at the Mac Book Air 2, or 3, or even 4. Apple products are aspirational, but they are also solid, stable and aesthetically pleasing.

In other news, researchers at MIT and Google Research have found a way to remove the reflection when shooting photo’s behind glass. The algorithm separates images into 8-by-8-pixel squares. It uses statistics related to the pixels to first detect the separation between the two reflections and then remove the reflections.

This truly has the potential to become a game changer in the way we shoot photos using mobile phones, and especially useful when travelling on the bus tours around historic cities. You can dare bet that at some point in the next couple of years we will see an app on the mobile stores that features this, and I for one cannot wait!

It has been another busy week for BeechHouse Media. A number of enquiries around art prop production for TV and Film, a night staying in London with the day job, and writing some posts. So busy in fact that I haven’t even put stylus to screen to produce any art at all, but I do have nine pieces that are almost ready to upload to the print on demand sites.

This weekend also sees three more pieces of art that will be on a limited time promotion, in limited quantities, and at a greatly reduced price. These promotions will be the last of the current season, but more will become available periodically during the summer. If there is a particular piece you would be interested in seeing go on promotion, I might just slip the odd piece in now and again but you will need to let me know which pieces you are interested in.

In addition to the three new promotions, 19 pieces of my artwork have been added to the collection over at Fine Art America My artist website at and on* and*

Small versions are in the process of being uploaded to The North Gallery on this blog.

Here are the three new promotions, including an introductory offer on Blue Buildings which was released on May 24th 2015!

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