Tehran, billboards and hotels

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It’s been another busy week. So busy that I haven’t been able to put stylus to screen since last weekend, and I fear I will lose some skills if I don’t doodle something soon. I'm not always sure I have any skills. It's been a slow sales week. I have in between all of the madness had a few glimpses of the interwebby, and a couple of news items popped out to me. Oh, and we had a General Election. Enough said.


Tehran’s Mayor Dr. Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf, a former Revolutionary Guards Commander, retired pilot, and to be fair, loser of two presidential elections has ordered that all of the city’s 1,500 billboards are to display iconic works of both Iranian and western art. Now this will make everything look very nice and no doubt will add a touch of class to the area, but it’s unlikely to be happening anytime soon in Times Square or a city near you. The reason is that Tehran will lose a significant chunk of income from advertisers. Imagine how much a prominent bill board will cost in New York’s Times Square. Actually does anyone know? I would be interested to find out. Not as I will be advertising there, but the place seems to ooze of money.


The second piece of interesting news is that The 2015 Absolut Art Award has been given to Frances Stark (in the category of art work) and Mark Godfrey (in the category of art writing). Stark will receive a £20,000 ($30,500) stipend, as well as £100,000 ($152,600) towards the creation of a new work. Godfrey also receives a £20,000 stipend, in addition to £25,000 ($38,150) for a new publication "in collaboration with a leading publishing house," according to a release. Those are clearly the prices we need to be aiming towards in the Print on Demand arena. They make my profit of about $5 per piece seem pretty insignificant by comparison. All I have to say on the matter is good luck both and well done.


Thankfully I have managed to avoid a hotel stay this week, I must say after at least the last 10 years of frequently staying over, it no longer matters what hotel I stay in, they’re all starting to look and feel the same. At the end of the day all I need is a bed, Wi-Fi and some power sockets. That’s the biggest problem I have with hotels, there just aren’t enough power sockets. If there are they are almost in the next room.


Last year I stayed in so many, and had to be up so early, I realized that to hit the snooze button, I needed to get out of bed, walk to the other side of the room, by which time, I had got dressed on the way to hit snooze. Now I always take a 3 meter extension lead with me, and I rest my two phones on the edge of the bed. Why do I have two phones? One for my day job and one for me.


If I time it right, the alarm goes off exactly 9 minutes before I really need to be out of bed, and I can drift away with a smile knowing its ok, I haven’t got to get up yet. The smile generally turns into Mr. Angry when only seconds later the 9 minutes have passed and I really do have to get up for real.


I had hoped to post this blog tomorrow and follow up on Sunday with another new blog post. I have been told that I need to visit a theme park, so it’s unlikely I will be doodling on Saturday, and I might just have to make the three new offers available on Sunday. I am being banned from taking technology with me, other than a sat nav to find my way. Even though I know the route, there may be new speed cameras and I need to be alerted.


I have though been promised breakfast when we arrive, my only remaining concern is my cracked rib and how it will interact with a roller coaster. I might just sit the big rides out, and sulk. Oh, how I love a good roller coaster. They’re just like life!


So, what are you up to this weekend? What are your pet hotel hates?


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